• forwebsiteslide

    Ride of your Life

    The most fun, unique cultural event returns to Memphis September 27, 2014.

  • Mud_Island

    Race for a cause!

    Paddle in exciting heats and raise money for the Tennessee Clean Water Network. It’s a win-win!

  • aboveshot

    Get on the Boat!

    Find out why dragon boat racing is the 8th fastest growing sport in the world!

  • DuncanWilliams

    Duncan-Williams. Do Well

    Dragon Boat Races and Clean Water Win!

    Paddles Up!


    The 4th Annual Duncan-Williams Dragon Boat Races will be held in Memphis at Mud Island on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2014! Registration is now open.

    The 3rd Annual Duncan-Williams Dragon Boat Races in Memphis on October 5, 2013 was a huge success.  We had a great race for Gold and Faction Strength & Conditioning – Team Faction pulled ahead with a time of  1:07.701.  Click here for the full results.

    Championship Round Ranking

    1. GOLD:  Faction Strength & Conditioning – Team Faction (1:07.701)
    2. SILVER:  Lipscomb & Pitts Insurance – L&P Rock & Rowers (1:08.752)
    3. BRONZE:  Presbyterian Day School – Crewsaders (1:08.958)
    4. 4th Place:  GPAC & Germantown Athletic Club – Circle G Rowers (1:09.069)


    Non-Racing Contest Winners

    1. Most Team Fundraising:  Independent Bank
    2. Best Team T-shirt:  Southland Park Gaming & Racing
    3. Best Team Video:  archer>malmo advertising
    4. Best Team Spirit:  Campbell Clinic Orthopaedics


    Important Dates


    Team Practices Start!

    From September 21-26. Practices! Your team’s first day of practice – Team rosters may be turned in. Final roster is due on race day.


    Race Day!

    See you at Mud Island River Park!

    Our Sponsors

    Mud Island River Park
    Riverfront Development Corp
    Southland Park Gaming & Racing
    Memphis Grizzlies
    Lipscomb Pitts Insurance
    Hotels of Court Square

    Interested in sponsoring our next event?

    Contact us.

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